Workshop Etiquette


Workshop Etiquette

Here are a few guidelines that are general recommendations for conduct during an ikebana class or workshop. You may wish to place this with your yearbook and keep for future reference.

General Preparation and Guidelines:

  1. Come early so that you can set up your work station.
  2. Refrain from talking to each other during the lecture, presentation or demonstration.
  3. Do not begin arranging until the speaker and/or presenters have completed their instructions.
  4. Once the presentation is over, and you are asked to go to your work station, follow the guidelines you use in your classes, for instance:
    * Control your materials so as to avoid fall-out to the floor, tables, etc.
    * Bring a bag for cuttings and unused materials
    * Clean up your area when you are finished preparing for evaluation.

Evaluation Guidelines:

Listen for the announcement for completion of arrangements (for instance: “5 more minutes”).

  1. Once your arrangement is completed, place it so that it faces in the same direction as the others. Have all materials cleared away, but within easy reach.
  2. The arranger should stand by the arrangement when it is being evaluated.
  3. During all evaluations, remember that all other participants should refrain from talking.
  4. Workshop etiquette requires that an arranger should not openly disagree with the demonstrator or sensei. If a point is not understood, questions may be asked, but deference is always given to the demonstrator or sensei.
  5. Do not dismantle your arrangement until all in the workshop have been evaluated.
  6. Dismantle and help with the cleanup of the area.
  7. Use discretion in taking pictures. (It is recommended you wait until all arrangements have been evaluated.)