Programs, Events and Exhibitions



Meetings begin at 10 AM. If scheduled, the Ginza will open at 9AM.

Guests are welcome with the payment of a guest fee. Workshops are restricted to members of I.I. and require advance registration. Remember, a reservation is a firm commitment.

No meeting will be held in December or in the event of snow and the closure of Philadelphia Public schools.


Thursday, September 27, 2018
“Opening Luncheon Featuring the Sogetsu School”
Demonstration by Kika Shibata, Riji
Radnor Valley Country Club, Villanova, PA

Ms. Shibata is frequently invited by various organizations, schools, museums and professional floral associations to conduct demonstrations and workshops. After over 50 years, Ms. Kika Shibata remains a devoted teacher who is dedicated to sharing the joy of Ikebana! Ginza

Ms. Shibata will do two workshops on Friday, September 28, 2018 at Peace Valley Chinese Christian Church in Fort Washington, PA.


Thursday, October 25, 2018
Philadelphia Museum of Art Field Trip

We will visit the museum to see the Meiji exhibition.
We will have a private docent led tour starting at 11:00.
(It is free to the museum members.  However, if there are many who are not, we can look into Group Sales Discount.)


Thursday, November 15, 2018
Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA

Demonstration By Valerie Eccleston, Ichiyo School

Mrs. Valerie Eccleston was introduced to Ikebana in 1975 while living in Japan with her husband and children.
After receiving her Instructor’s Certificate, she returned to her native England, then moved to the USA in 1984.
In 2009, she was appointed Executive Master, the Ichiyo School’s highest rank outside of Japan.
Valerie has demonstrated, taught, and exhibited extensively.  She has also assisted and narrated for Iemoto Kasuya annd Naohiro Kasuya.

Multi-talented, Valerie composed the 45th Anniversary Commemorative song for the II World Convention in 2001 in Yokohama, Japan, and performed at the opening ceremony in the presence of HIH Princess Mikasa.
Most recently, she served as 60th Anniversary Chair for Washington DC Chapter #1’s year-long celebrations.

Please bring a dish to share for Potluck lunch.   Ginza.


Thursday, January 17, 2019
Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA

Korean Food Cooking Demonstration by ChungUn Kim  (Current President of Ohara School)
Chung Un is an accomplished cook and  hostess, known for her gracious hospitality.  
She will show us how to prepare “kimbop”, and the participants will have an opportunity to roll their own nori wrapped rice with variety of vegetables.
Chung Un will also prepare a salad dish,  marinated chicken wings, and baked rice cake dessert stuffed with walnut and chestnuts.


Thursday, February 21, 2019
Haverford Community Environmental Center, Haverford, PA

“Kimono Making and Dressings Changes after Opening of Japan by Western Nations”
Paul MacLardy, Author
Few people know that the height of Kimono wearing was not during the Edo period but in the 1920’s. The vast political, technical and economical changes led for the first time to middle class people wearing Kimono in Japan. This lecture and exhibit will show Kimono from the 1800’s through 1930’s and explain how changes in the Industry led to innovative kimono that were affordable to a wider range of population.
Potluck lunch.


April 25, 2019
Delaware Center For Horticulture, Wilmington, DE

Container Auction
Potluck lunch


Thursday, May 23, 2019
Haverford Community Environmental Center, Haverford, PA

Induction of new officers.
Multi-School Demonstration.
This fun program will give members from different schools an opportunity to learn from each other.


Potluck lunch.