Chapter Schools


Chapter Schools

As the oldest school, the Ikenobo School is considered to be “the origin of Ikebana”.  A wide variety of  Rikka, Shoka, and free style arrangements are taught. LINK



Chapter Ohara SchoolThe Ohara School focuses on seasonal use of branch and flower material. It expresses the natural environment by emphasizing landscape arrangements. LINK



The Sogetsu School’s distinguishing characteristic is found in its free style and abstract arrangements which use objects of sculptural intent and character. LINK



The Ichiyo School is a modern school which is known for its introduction of contemporary styles such as crossing of lines and arrangements without a pinholder. LINK



The Koryu School originated in the middle of the eighteenth century. The school teaches two styles: the traditional, formal Seika and the modern free-style Moribana. LINK



Many thanks to Jim Gray at Ikebana International San Francisco for the Ikenobo, Sogetsu, and Ichiyo icons used above.